• October 2016: The fraternity initiated 8 new men as their Zeta class became the largest pledge class in the history of the re-chartered Iota-Kappa

  • April 2016: After submitting a petition to Tau Kappa Epsilon's Grand Council, the Iota-Kappa colony was chartered to become the Iota-Kappa Chapter of TKE on April 9th

  • March 2016: The Colony welcomed it's Epsilon class of 6 members to bring our total membership to 34 men

  • October 2015: ​6 new members were initiated into the Colony as the Delta Class

  • ​March 2015: The Colony added 3 new members as part of the Gamma Class

  • February 2015: Iota Kappa Colony was granted full recognition by Clarkson University

  • October 2014: The colony signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University to obtain a future house on campus. 4-man Beta Class was initiated

  • July 2014The first Alumni Board meeting took place at Clarkson University and Alumni Board officers were elected. Mark Kesselring '72 becomes Board's first President


  • April 2014: ​The colony established a 9-person Alumni Board that will provide the backbone for enhancing the TKE spirit and connection to the University

  • March 2014: The colony initiated 6 new members as part of the Alpha class into the bond of Tau Kappa Epsilon​​

  • September 2013: The Iota-Kappa Colony received provisional recognition from Clarkson University​​


  • March 2013: The  12 founding members of the Colony were initiated with assistance from SUNY Plattsburgh (Sigma Gamma) and Carleton University (Tau Omega)​​


  • October 2012: Initial interest meeting with Alumni Advisor Ed Dominy ​



our timeline

about us

​Our fraternity of 26 men come from 7 states and have 14 different majors ranging from Communications/Media to Chemical Engineering and everything in between.

One of our developed standards is to produce men of 'sterling character.' Because of this, we love to see potential men come from different states, walks of life, and contain different personalities that arise from different interests and values.


The Iota-Kappa Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Clarkson University is located in the foothills of the Adirondacks in Northern New York. It began its re-colonization efforts in the Fall of 2012,. Initially founded in 1958 as local Phi Delta fraternity and joined Tau Kappa Epsilon in 1963 with Paul Cooper as the first Prytanis. Iota-Kappa enjoyed many decades of success. While the chapter was shut down in the early 2000s, this group of men have made it their goal to embrace the history and traditions of the past and create memories of their own. In early April of 2016 the Iota-Kappa colony became a chapter.