Ice Carnival in 1962

Tau Kappa Epsilon, April 27th 1963


Phi Delta - 1958-1963

Phi Delta Pin

Phi Delta Crest

Bob Rickman and his fellow classmate, Robert Adams, saw the opportunity through limited dorm space and a limit on pledge class size, to create an opportunity for a new Fraternity. Through, struggle, perseverance, and dedication, the young men of Phi Delta took an idea of a Fraternity. Without the full support of the IFC, Phi Delta had to push themselves to reach their goals of recognition on campus. With recognition in mind, the brothers pushed for a constitution to present to IFC for approval. At the same time, Phi Delta was a social Fraternity, and held numerous functions, most noticeably, those at Smokey's Cabin. In October of 1959, the pledge pin was proposed, and initial talks with potential national Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) began. 

In March 21st, 1960, Phi Delta reached their goal, obtaining full recognition with IFC. Just prior to recognition, the brothers approved the pin and jacket design, ready to be worn at recognition. With limitations on social activities prior to recognition, Phi Delta affiliated themselves as The Penguin Club in an effort to continue with their social activities. 

In February of 1961, Phi Delta began occupation of their future Fraternity House on 74 Elm Street. Along with the addition of the house, Phi Delta's newest member, "Dammit," joined as the house's mascot.  

In February of 1962, Phi Delta participated in and won the Ice Carnival with "They don't make caves like they used to."

With problems from the cold creating broken systems among the house, the brothers were able to renegotiate the lease and purchase the house in the beginning of 1963.

After looking into several potential national chapters, Phi Delta liked the principles of Tau Kappa Epsilon, as many other options contained clause(s) discriminating their membership in one way or another, and the brothers felt strongly against any national containing any such clause . After a vote and acceptance from national, Phi Delta joined Tau Kappa Epsilon on April 27th of 1963, creating a new journey for the Fraternity.